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Also, can you please write in the comments what you bought from me? It doesn't have to be too specific, but maybe brand & item...
i'm getting rather forgetful lately ;)

Going Lolita Crazy O_O

"Confession of a Lolita Shopaholic" (& no, i didn't see the movie, but i just like the title XD )

Well, it's finally happened...i have WAY too much money to spend on Lolita, so i'm going crazy buying all kinds of dream well as non-dream prints XP

It all started with the IW summer sale, where I put in my order the end, the JSK i wanted sold out before they got to my order :/  Then, I decided to try & get it in a different colorway, so I replied to the email ;) BUT...apparently, their server crashed, so a lot of invoices were lost & the site was all crazy...which could explain all the price discrepancies ;P But this lead to a loooon wait for a reply...& after waiting for over a week, i decided to just pay the invoice for the items I had...

Then, after feeling a bit discouraged...& slightly "mad" @ IW...i went scouring on the comm sales & randomly decided to invest in an AP print skirt...which is unusual for me since i'm more classic than sweet...BUT, it was too beautiful to pass up & it was being sold @ a very reasonable price ^^ So, then, that was put "on hold" & I still have to finish paying for it...

& Then, b/c i'm such AN EXTREME SHOPAHOLIC...i decided to randomly check Closet Child...sigh...big many of my dream prints were either on sale or REALLY cheap (compared to retail of course ;P) So...since i bought from them quite a bit...i knew they'd be able to put my items on hold, so i decided to splurge & get one of my dream AATP prints ^_^

Then, I thought i'd take a break & attempt to sell some of MY items...not too much luck so far :/
But! all of a sudden, today, IW gets back to me & says that they can still add the JSK i wanted & it would help on shipping & they would fix all the overcharges & charge the difference...

& So, of being me...i decided "Sure, let me spend even MORE $"  sigh...but now i SERIOUSLY need to try & sell my other stuff...i might need to sell even more @ the rate i'm going...sigh...but i'll have AMAZING pieces, so maybe it's worth it??

i'm also gonna go through ALL my clothes again & see what i can sell...i don't have high priced items, so i think i just have to seriously save my full weekly hours...which i'm trying to do...although, i think my next paycheck should be pretty good...sigh...dangerous :/

New Fashion Blog ^_^

Hey, so, I finally got un-lazy & made a fashion blog XD
It's main purpose is for posting the Tokyo Fashion Express episode re-caps every Monday, but I'll also post shopping pics (like the one i just did) & hopefully, eventually, pics of my random outfits :D

I'm still new to the whole "blogging" thing, so i'm not sure how often i'll update...but i'll try to @ least once a week...if anything, for the Monday show ;D

Here's the link:
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More randomness~

So, i was gonna put all this under the same journal as the meetup, but that would've been crazy O_O

haha, anyways, it's about 10:30 & i should really get off my comp & start being productive...& maybe eat some breakfast ;)

But first, more pics ^_^

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Garage Sale Finds ^^

I went to a Garage Sale today that was REALLY close to my house ^^
It was 3 Japanese families & all the proceeds are going to Japan XD

Anyways, here's a pic of what I got...not a bad haul XD

1)Black dress (it's kind of small, so i'm gonna alter it a bit ^^ )
2)A shirt i thought was pretty cool :)
3)This cute cardi...that doesn't match much, but i'll try pairing it w/ things i have &'s just so pretty ^_^
4)2 awesome bags: One basket type one & one kisslock one that would be perfect for dolly-kei :D
& last but not least, an Anna Sui rouge...for $5...I HAD to get it XD